Company Name Inoue Shouten LLC
Location 577-1 Hirota Hirota, Minami-Awaji, Hyogo Prefecture
Director Morihiro Inoue, CEO
Industry Various wholesale noodle manufacturing, frozen goods, frozen desserts,
dry wholesale goods
Capital 3,000,000 yen
Employees 20
Trading Areas Around the island, Kinki region, Tokushima
Financial Institution Noodle production began 1901; frozen desserts were added after WWII;
incorporated 1954; wholesale sales of frozen goods added were in 1956 to
make effective use of freezers. Relocated offices to present location in
1967; business expanded from 1984 to the present.


< Detailed directions >

Nearest interchange: Sumoto IC (*Please note that there is no bus center in Sumoto.)

Exit Sumoto IC, turn right and follow the national route until Nishimatsuya is visible on your right. Then turn left at the 3-way junction and head towards Sato-no-yuki.

(*Since the area is hard to navigate, please call 0799-45-0385 if you get lost.)